About Change It Homes Background on Change It UK 

About Change It Homes  Background on Change It UK 

Change It Uk, Founded In 1998 

Change It Uk, Founded In 1998 

Change It UK was founded in 1998, created by Kerry Field, a confident, articulate, builder, with a keen eye for detail and perfection. By running his own ship, Kerry knew he could oversee every project and fully exercise his passion for providing the highest standards of workmanship every time for every client and within a timely manner. 22 years on, and with a portfolio of hundreds of successful projects completed under his brand, Kerry tirelessly continues to work with this conscientious work ethic providing his respected customers with an outstanding service time and time again. 
Today, Change It UK consists of a dedicated team of 8 full-time Multi-Skilled Tradesman and a full-time Office Manager, as well as a trusted pool of Sub-Contractors from specialised trades including quantity surveyors, structural engineers, painter and decorators, electricians, plumbers, all sourced by their sound reputations and proven ability to deliver the highest standards of their craft. 
The complete customer journey along with safe working conditions and tidy work areas are at the forefront of what Kerry and his team do, from conception through to completion. Change It UK are a friendly, customer-focused building company, who are dedicated in meeting and exceeding customer’s requirements every step of the way making them the builders of choice. 


“Successfully delivering a project for a client is more than just what you build, it’s about how you do things and the manner in which you do them. The whole process should be as stress-free for the client as possible and they should have as much or as little involvement in the process as they like. The building industry has a pretty poor image as a whole, with things expected to be noisy, dirty and problematic. It doesn’t need to be that way!” 
Kerry Field, Director and Founder of Change It UK 


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